seedVicious v1.1

seedVicious is a microRNA target prediction software with several features designed to analyze large datasets, and to study the evolutionary dynamics of target sites. You can predict targets using our web-server. However, it is recommended that you download the stand-alone software to run over larger datasets. You may also explore pre-computed targets for selected species.


  • Predict canonical and marginal target sites as described by Bartel (2009).
  • Identify near-target sites, as described by Marco (2015) and Marco (2018).
  • Estimate the gains and losses of microRNA target sites in an alignment as described in Clifton et al. (2016).
  • Count the number of common targets and target sites.
  • Calculate the distance between pairs of target sites.
  • Compute hybridization energy between microRNAs/targets.





Would you like to see a specific feature in future versions of seedVicious? Perhaps you want to predict targets of microRNAs with degenerate positions. Or have precomputed gain/losses of sites for a given set of species? Or you just want to generate regulatory networks based on microRNA/target interactions. Do not hesitate to contact us. There's no such thing as a bad idea.