seedVicious v1.3

seedVicious is a microRNA target prediction software with several additional features that allows to explore the evolutioanry dynamics of microRNA target sites in large datasets. It is written in OO PERL 5 and also uses two external programs (RNAeval and DOLLOP). The stand-alone version runs in UNIX x64 systems (that is, almost any Linux box or iMac).

seedVicious was developed by Antonio Marco and all its bugs and errors are his fault. However, the program is free and comes with no warranty. It is distributed under the GLP (GNU General Public License) v3.0

If you use either the web-server or the stand-alone version, please, cite this paper:

  • Marco A (2018) SeedVicious: analysis of microRNA target and near-target sites. PLOS ONE 13:e0195532.